Imricor Medical Systems specializes in developing devices and systems that are compatible with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Our unique MR-enabled™ interventional products are designed to provide doctors the ability to perform interventional procedures while taking advantage of the superior soft tissue imaging capabilities of MRI. We also license our technology to help make implanted medical devices compatible with MRI.

The vast majority of today’s interventional procedures are guided by x-ray imaging. When physicians perform these procedures under x-ray guidance, they often cannot see the actual tissues they are targeting for therapy. Real-time MRI allows physicians to see the anatomy they are working on and also to see the results of the therapy they are delivering. Procedures utilizing real-time MRI guidance deliver unprecedented tissue visualization during the procedure with the potential for better outcomes, faster and safer procedures, and more cost-effective treatment – all in an environment that is free of dangerous ionizing x-ray radiation for both the patient and physician.